MR P from Slough received £5,982.70 from Tesco and a massive £27,206.84 from The Halifax...... These are just some of the recent successes! Click here for more.
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"Helping your clients reclaim the money that is rightfully theirs!"

Did you know that there is millions of pounds owed to the general public by financial organisations?

Do you want to help your clients get back what is rightfully theirs and earn a healthy commission too?

This is a sale without selling! (How can it be called selling when all you are doing is asking your clients if they would like to find out if they qualify for getting some money back?)


If you were able to obtain a refund/s on behalf of your clients that would cost them nothing to do and could amount to £000's, would you or they be interested?

If you could earn substantial commission from the same, would you be interested?

This is a service that requires no selling and there is no catch.

If you told your client you had overcharged them by £100 would they take it back from you!!!??? I bet they would!!!
Well this is the same principle.


NO WIN NO FEE to the client but upon any success we will look to charge typically 25% plus VAT at the standard rate of any monies reclaimed. If the consumer cancels outside the 14 day cooling off period an admin charge may occur

Your commission is 40% of what we earn paid as soon as we receive it.

Please be aware also that we guarantee there will be no cross selling of any financial services products to your clients.