MR P from Slough received £5,982.70 from Tesco and a massive £27,206.84 from The Halifax...... These are just some of the recent successes! Click here for more.
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"Helping your clients reclaim the money that is rightfully theirs!"


1. Broker submits claim to Sterling MC

2. SMC prepares paperwork to send same day in order to log claim

3. Full particulars of claim submitted to provider

4. Provider chased regularly for results of claim

5. Lender agrees settlement, sends forms to SMC to accept. Claim settled and paid out

6. Commission paid to Introducer

If at stage 4 the provider refuses then SMC will use various legal arguments to appeal.

The provider will then reconsider and if agrees then we return to stages 5 and 6

If provider refuses,  SMC may then advise the client if worth pursuing further via various other means.