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Terms & Conditions

The fee to the client on a successful claim is 25% plus VAT

Typically a compensation payment received of £2500 will warrant a fee on receipt of the monies of £750 inclusive of VAT at current rate.

Agreed fee will be payable upon receipt of any compensation within 7 days of receipt by the client and you should be aware that where the lender offsets compensation against account arrears or account balances, fees are still payable.

On certain occasions the lender may, where the credit is sill active , propose to restructure the loan to reflect the PPI adjustment.

Please be aware that you are entitled to contact the creditor or the Financial Ombudsman Service direct should you wish to pursue your claim.

Where a claim is directly refused by the lender we will assess the information available and advise you accordingly should the claim need to be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service

Please be aware that timescales may very well vary due to lenders workloads and similarly should claims be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service

Failure to adhere to specified payment deadlines may well incur additional charges. Details are available on request.

Complaints may be made in writing, email, telephone or fax.

In the unlikely event you need to make a complaint, please use your preferred method of communication with us. This will be dealt with as per the terms and conditions procedure which is also available on this website

All claims are undertaken on a no win no fee status except in the following circumstance.

A  charge may occur for admin costs incurred by us in the case of a cancelled case after the 14 day cooling period.

Please note that you have a 14 day cooling off period which will allow you to withdraw from the contract without incurring any costs to you.

You may cancel the agreement at any time after the 14 day cooling off period in writing to Sterling MC Financial Claims.

If the consumer cancels outside the 14 day cooling off period an admin charge may occur.

In such an event we reserve the right to recover from you all costs incurred for all works done in respect of your claim, 1 months notice will apply in respect of cancellations after the expiry of the cooling off period.

Please be aware that should the claim be agreed prior or during this period our fee will still apply.

Claims instigated by Sterling MC Financial Claims on the clients behalf will require full payment upon successful conclusion whether it be via direct lender contact, Financial Ombudsman decision or legal ruling.

We will on your behalf with your written authority write to the lender pursuing your claim and contact you accordingly in respect of any significant updates.

This will involve submitting your reasons for the complaint and dealing with lender correspondence as and when required including lender and Financial Ombudsman Service questionnaire forms where necessary.

In all situations it must be understood that there is a possibility ultimately of Court action and you may well need to appear if this is the case however the majority of cases are concluded without such action.